Dana Darr

Dana DarrDana is the only instructor in Valparaiso who has studied exclusively within the Iyengar system for nineteen years. She continues regular training with Manouso Manos, the most senior Iyengar teacher in the country, as well as Sri HS Arun of Banglore (affectionately known as “The ChairMaster”). She has also studied with the Iyengars at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India. She is grateful to her first teacher, Pablo Jimenez, for introducing her to this most challenging gift and to Marge LaMothe for continuing to encourage her. Dana’s knowledge and excellent humor help her lead students through well-balanced, challenging and meaningful yoga classes. Don’t be fooled by the tough demeanor, she cares deeply about all of her students.

Dani Newton

Dani NewtonHaving completed her in-studio training with Dana in 2012 as well as numerous workshops with Manouso Manos and Sri HS Arun, Dani is one of our newer teachers. She has a degree in Sports Physiology and Theater from Valparaiso University. Tiny and compact in size, formidable and mighty in knowledge and skill. The way we like it.

Danielle Hunt

Danielle HuntDannielle is a lover of yoga, a natural teacher, and a busy mom of three. After she discovered the many benefits of yoga for herself, she longed to share it as often as possible. She has spent the last three years introducing yoga to many others in various class settings and privately, yet still searching for a place to continue growing in her practice and teaching for many years to come. She is thrilled that her journey has brought her to Asana. Dannielle is grateful to all of her students and supporters, and to Dana for teaching her so much already!

Katie Ogg

Katie OggKatie has been teaching in Valpo since 1999. She studied with Marsha Wenig and then Pablo Jimenez before becoming a certified hatha yoga teacher through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Katie teaches hatha yoga in a fun, flowing style… sometimes quite challenging, but always with emphasis on breath and inner awareness. She and her students agree – early morning yoga is a great way to start the day! Come on in and find out why Flow Yoga will work for you, too.